Terms and Conditions

SnowLittle Terms & Conditions

For the introduction of holiday nannies & related services

  1. Our Services

1.1)  SnowLittle is an introducer of holiday nannies (the “Nanny”) to client families (“Family” or “you”) on holiday in the French Alps.

1.2) SnowLittle also offers ancillary support services (“Family Support”) during the holiday to enhance the Family mountain holiday experience including but not limited to provision of baby equipment, nursing packs, shopping services and booking enhancements.

1.3) Introduction services and Family Support services are together referred to as “SnowLittle Services”. Fees payable for these services (“SnowLittle Fees”) will be sent out in your booking confirmation.

1.4) The Nanny is an independent contractor, and the relationship of the Family and the Nanny shall in no event be construed to be that of principal and agent or employer and employee or master and servant, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.5) As an independent contractor, the Nanny is responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes due by any applicable governmental or tax authority.

1.6) The terms and conditions under which you contract the Nanny shall be by means of our standard nanny services agreement, unless you request, and we agree in writing, specifically otherwise.

1.7) If you become the employer of the Nanny at a future date, you will be solely responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes due by you by any applicable governmental or tax authority associated with such employment and for all the Nanny’s employment rights, and you will indemnify and hold SnowLittle harmless from any claims, suits, costs (including legal costs), expenses, liabilities, judgments, fines, penalties and demands for loss of damage, including any and all expenses, disbursements, costs, legal fees and sums and amounts as may be incurred in the investigations, handling a defense thereof, resulting from or in any way connected with any such tax or employment assessment or claim.


  1. Introductions

2.1) SnowLittle will introduce Nannies to you based on the information provided by you and always in accordance with the nanny to child ratio set out in SnowLittle’s website. You are responsible for providing SnowLittle with accurate information about your requirements and booking information before SnowLittle sources a Nanny to introduce to you.

2.2) Before SnowLittle introduces a Nanny to you, you agree to accept these terms and conditions and to pay SnowLittle the fees as detailed below in clause 4.

2.3) SnowLittle is committed to protecting personal data and information of our Nannies and Families. By agreeing to these terms you agree to keep confidential all Nanny information disclosed to you for the purposes of your Nanny introduction. For the avoidance of doubt, you will not pass on details of any Nanny introduced by SnowLittle to any other person seeking a Nanny. If you do pass on details of any Nanny introduced by SnowLittle to another person, you agree to pay the SnowLittle Fees in the event that any third party to whom the Nanny’s details have been disclosed directly engages the Nanny.

2.4) SnowLittle will be deemed to have introduced a Nanny to you when we submit you with a Nanny’s name and/or details, whether directly or indirectly, orally or in writing.

2.5) In the event that you agree to contract a Nanny introduced by SnowLittle, then you agree to contract the Nanny using the nanny services agreement and pay the agreed fees as set out on the SnowLittle booking confirmation. Prices and rates set out on SnowLittle website are only indicative and cannot be relied upon if they differ from prices and fees in your booking confirmation.

2.6) The Nanny will provide childcare services and/or babysitting duties as agreed in the nanny services agreement (a copy to be provided by SnowLittle to you in advance of your holiday).

The Nannies

2.7) SnowLittle endeavors to introduce Nannies who will provide a quality standard of childcare services. At the minimum SnowLittle takes all reasonable steps to introduce holiday Nannies who are of sound character, honest and reliable but cannot be held responsible for the conduct of the Nanny.

2.8) SnowLittle supplies three different types of Nanny as further detailed at (a)-(c) below:

(a)      Standard/Seasonnaire Nanny:

  • has at least six months verifiable childcare experience
  • is 19 years of age or older
  • is a fluent English speaker
  • has current first aid experience/qualifications; and
  • has current criminal records check from relevant authority in their country of residence – being DBS (formerly CRB) in UK

(b)          Qualified Nanny is qualified as the Standard/Seasonnaire Nanny, with the addition of a childcare qualification such as OFSTED registered, CACHE, BTEC, NVQ, NNEB or equivalent.

(c)         Teacher/Skilled Nanny is qualified   as the Standard/Seasonnaire Nanny, with the addition of a teaching qualification such as PGCE, CELTA, Montessori Diploma, TEFL or equivalent.

2.9) SnowLittle promotes and encourages the Nannies to provide safe, fun, developmental and loving approach to holiday childcare in the mountains. This is what which sets the standard of SnowLittle introduced Nanny services apart from competing services in the area. In order to facilitate such Nanny service standards, SnowLittle will do the following:

(a)         request and check each Nanny’s:

  • DBS/CRB disclosure (or equivalent for Nannies resident outside UK)
  • up-to- date CV
  • two (2) references
  • work permits
  • proof of ID and
  • proof of qualifications

(b)          endeavor to get to know the Nanny or at least have a face-to-face interview before introducing the Nanny to the Family. In cases where this is not possible, a telephone or skype interview will take place, and the Family will be informed of this; and

(c)          offer training and support services to Nannies (“Nanny Support Services”) to facilitate SnowLittle standard of Nanny services in the mountains. These services include:

  • assistance with sourcing seasonal accommodation
  • extreme weather driving awareness
  • orienteering of the roads, villages and accommodations of the Tarentaise valley
  • child snow play safety
  • catered and non-catered chalet health & safety awareness
  • arts and crafts nanny packs


  1. Price, Payment and Cancellation

3.1) The total price payable combines the fees for the Nanny Services (“Nanny Fees”) and the fees for SnowLittle Services (“SnowLittle Fees”)

3.2) You will receive a booking confirmation setting out the total price payable for the booking based on your childcare requests and personal profiles. Additional SnowLittle Fees or Nanny Fees may become payable should additional services be required during the holiday. You will be invoiced separately for any additional Nanny or SnowLittle Fees as appropriate. Payment terms will be set out on any additional invoices.

3.3) Having placed a booking with SnowLittle for a Nanny, you must pay an amount to secure the booking (“Deposit”).

3.4) The Deposit must be paid into SnowLittle bank account (as detailed in your booking confirmation) in cleared funds within 30 days from the booking confirmation date or, where the booking confirmation is issued less than 30 days from the day that the holiday Nanny is due to commence work, the Deposit is due 5 days before the start date.

3.5) If you do not pay the Deposit on or before the due dates, then the booking will not be accepte

3.6) Nanny Fees become payable during your holiday. You must pay the Nanny Fees to your Nanny in cash or bank transfer as directed by your Nanny.

3.7) You may within 7 days from receipt of a SnowLittle booking confirmation (“cooling off period”) reconsider and cancel the booking. A refund of any deposit paid will be made to you within 30 days of cancellation to your nominated bank account.

3.8) Cancellations outside the cooling off period will result in loss of Deposit.

3.9) Prices are set out in pounds Sterling. Should you prefer to make payment in Euros or should the Nanny prefer to receive payment in Euros, the Bank of England’s spot rate on the day payment is due will determine the applicable exchange rate conversion from Sterling to Euro (or any other currency that is requested)


  1. Liability

4.1) SnowLittle will not be liable to you for any loss if the Nanny is prevented from carrying out duties due to restrictions or policy imposed by any holiday company or chalet business through which you booked your holiday. It is your responsibility to notify them of your SnowLittle booking particularly if you are staying in a catered chalet.

4.2) SnowLittle will not be liable to you for any loss or inconvenience if we are not able to provide satisfactory childcare services due to your failure to provide adequate booking information and requirements.

4.3) SnowLittle agrees to perform the checks stated in clause 3.3(a) above, and shall not be obliged to carry out any further background checks on any Nanny introduced to you.

4.4) SnowLittle cannot guarantee the suitability of any Nanny introduced to you and will not be liable for the acts or omissions of the Nanny during the course of, or after, their contract with you. You are therefore advised to make sure you are satisfied with the Nanny before engaging them.

4.5) If you believe the Nanny has breached the terms of the nanny services agreement, SnowLittle will not accept any responsibility and you will be responsible for recovering any Nanny Fees from the Nanny directly.

4.6) In the event of abandonment by the Nanny, SnowLittle will endeavor to, but cannot guarantee to find replacement Nanny and our fees will not be repayable to you.

4.7) SnowLittle recommends to Families that a Nanny’s liability is insured. If you require that the liability of the Nanny is insured, then this must be agreed directly with the Nanny, and SnowLittle accept no responsibility for arranging or paying for any such liability insurance.

4.8) SnowLittle will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss you may suffer arising out of or in connection with the provision of any services pursuant to these terms. Direct, indirect, special or inconsequential loss means losses such as loss of profit, lost opportunity or lost reputation, losses resulting from failure to meet other commitments or abandonment by the Nanny, whether or not foreseen at the date that this contract is agreed. Our liability to you in relation to any financial losses suffered by you under this clause will not exceed the charges payable by you for our services. Nothing in these terms will exclude our liability for death or personal injury arising as a result of SnowLittle’s willful negligence.

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